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The VIP Club subscription includes all 88 add ons in the CF Pro Tools library to use on UP TO 10 domains!
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The Free plan includes access to only 6 out of the 88 add ons (see what's included) and can be used on up to 2 domains.

Industry Leaders That ALL Use CF Pro Tools EVERYDAY!

These are just a few of the amazing marketers that are using CF Pro Tools in their businesses every day...

Russell Brunson
Co-Founder of ClickFunnels
Dean Graziosi
Todd Brown
Frank Kern
Trey Lewellen
Liz Benny
Steve Larsen
Rachel Pedersen
Social Media Strategist
David Asarnow
Josh Felber
Joel Erway
Dean Holland
Internet Profits, LTD
Hawk Mikado
Teddy Garcia
Rock Star Funnel Strategist at
Becky DeAcetis
Brandon & Kaelin Poulin

Here's What Others Are Saying About CF Pro Tools...

Cody Neer

Founder, E-Commerce Brand Academy

Dave "Kombucha" Lindenbaum

Founder, DIY Gift Kits
** Dave's results are not typical. He's a superstar, and a brilliant marketer. You may not win your 2 comma club award just by using CF Pro Tools. You may not make any money at all. You'll actually need to build a kick-ass funnel that makes a brilliant offer. CF Pro Tools just helps to make that easier! Thanks Dave!

Luke Bockenstette

Co-Founder, Funnel Fuel

And a few more...

I Don't Know What I'd Do Without CF Pro Tools

As a physical product seller, ClickFunnels can be very challenging, and limiting, when it comes to shopping cart functionality. That's where Jaime and CF Pro Tools comes in. No matter what problem I've had, it's like Jaime is reading my mind and knows exactly how to solve my problem. With the help of CF Pro Tools, which is my most valuable CF tool btw, I've been able to turn my physical product funnels into machines that truly convert. Honestly, without CF Pro Tools, I don't know how I would be able to do what I'm doing now... seriously.

Gerek A.


Again Thank you Jaime For The New Add-On!!! This one with PayPal is a game changer.. Much easier to use than Funnelish!

Nicholas M.

Makes ClickFunnels So Much Better

I just wanted to say how impressed we are with your platform. We run / have run a number of digital marketing businesses over the years & have used a ton of SAAS products out there, and yours has blown us away with how well they work and the value they add. Clickfunnels itself is such a love/hate relationship, as it just has so many bugs or missed functionality, but your add-ons cover so many of the items we were previously spending time building out for ourselves. Much appreciated!

Chris N.

Super Useful... Must bookmark...

CF Pro Tools is super useful tool for marketers and online entrepreneurs using ClickFunnels.  It's a must bookmark on your browser. 

Ori B.

We Always Find An Add On That Does The Trick...

Thanks! That worked awesome. Exactly what we were looking for.

I have to tell you the scripts in VIP have really helped us for a project we are working on. Every time we start to wonder if we can do something extra to our funnel we have found a script that did the trick.

Tom H.

Just Wanted To Say Thanks For CF Pro Tools...

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for CF Pro Tools.  
I have used your tools and they have helped so much. Such simple fixes that help so much. And I wouldn't even say I am using the most powerful ones. Heck I am talking like the previous & next buttons for membership sites and quantity on products.  

Just wanted to tell you your work is appreciated!

Tom D.

It's A Must...

Thanks for CF PRO TOOLS. It’s a must when using ClickFunnels!

Antonio C.

Best Seller Highlight For The Win

Btw, our site is relatively new but your 'add-ons' have been huge already, especially the yellow box highlighting the MOST POPULAR (or whatever we want to call it). Every sale so far has been 3 or more units of our product.

Gerek A.

I Owe Part Of My Success To CF Pro Tools...

I'm super busy-but I had to take just a second to drop you a note and let you know that you're a rockstar and a genius and I'm so grateful for the tools you've created with CF Pro Tools. The capability to solve problems like order totals, removing fields from forms, and firing facebook events with the correct values... is absolutely priceless when you have a growing funnel at scale, and I owe part of my success with funnels to your willingness to share your knowledge.

Daniel S.

Success!  Thank you!!

Thank you for a great product and your excellent customer service... CFProTools is head and shoulders the best investment I've ever made for ClickFunnels.

Todd C.

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