"If You Are Using ClickFunnels, Then You Absolutely Need To Use CF Pro Tools."
- Max Finn
Co-Founder At Unicorn Innovations
and 2x Two Comma Club Winner
Used By ClickFunnels' Best And Brightest
Russell Brunson
Co-Founder of ClickFunnels
Liz Benny
Trey Lewellen
Brandon & Kaelin Poulin
Steve Larsen
Teddy Garcia
Rock Star Funnel Strategist at
Hawk Mikado
Joel Erway
David Asarnow
Josh Felber
Becky DeAcetis
Dean Holland
Internet Profits, LTD
Rachel Pedersen
Social Media Strategist | Social Media Educator
Founder of Social Media United
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Maxwell Finn

Co-Founder At Unicorn Innovations
and 2x Two Comma Club Winner

"Before we started using CF Pro Tools our average order value was just $15. After adding several of Jaime’s scripts we increased our AOV to an incredible $55! If you are using ClickFunnels then you absolutely need to use CF Pro Tools."
Current Free Add-Ons (currently 20 simple to use add-ons)
  • CF Check Button​- adds a checkbox to your submit button to require agreement with terms
  • CF Promo Code​- adds a promo/coupon code field to your order form so you can offer a discount
  • CF Year Replace​- replaces text with the current year
  • CF Short Date Replace​- replaces text with the current date in short date format
  • CF Edit Page Bookmarklet​- gives you a bookmark you can click while on any of your ClickFunnels pages to go straight to the editor for that page
  • CF USA Only Shipping Hidden​- sets the Country field to United States and hides the field so that customers cannot select another country
  • CF USA Only Shipping Disabled​- Sets the Country field to United States and disables selection so that customers cannot select another country, but they can still see that United States is selected
  • CF UTM Term Replacer - inserts the UTM term parameter from the URL into the text of the page
  • CF Member Nav​- enables Previous Lesson and Next Lesson links within a ClickFunnels members area
  • CF URL Email Replacer​- inserts the email parameter from the URL into text of the page
  • CF Customer Info Replacer​- inserts the customer information into the text of the page.  This is especially useful on the order confirmation page
  • CF Cookie Timed Button​- works with ClickFunnels timed delay for buttons so that the buy button only shows after a certain time for the first visit, but when a visitor comes back a second visit it shows right away
  • CF Best Seller Highlight​- adds a "highlight" box around whichever product you choose on your order form to label it as "Best Seller" or "Best Value".
  • CF Rearrange Products​- saves time by allowing your to re-order your products on the order form
  • CF Add To Calendar​- adds an "Add To Calendar" button to pages that do not normally have the option
  • CF Remove Expiry Years​- Removes already past expiry years from older order form templates
  • CF URL Keyword Replacer​- grabs keyword parameter from URL and inserts into the page text
  • CF Pass Product​- allows you to connect a button click on the sales page to select a specific product on the order form
  • CF Select Default​- pre-select a different product on the order form other than just the first product
  • CF Bump Image​- add any image to the "bump" box on the order form.  This is best used to insert a picture of the bump product
  • ... more being added
Current VIP Club Add-Ons (more new add-ons every month)
  • CF PayPal Plus​- this allows your customer to choose whether to pay with PayPal or with credit card on your order form.  This also allows your customer to choose PayPal Credit to pay over time, which means you get paid up front and they get the convenience of a payment plan with no extra work on your part
  • CF Cart Mode​- makes your order form more like an e-commerce cart where you can select quantities and add multiple products 
  • CF Multiple OTOs​- ClickFunnels normally only allows 2 OTO products... this allows you to have as many as you want. Great for offering sizes or multiple payment plans
  • CF State Selector - turns your State/Province field on your order form into a dropdown field of the US States. Perfect for physical product fulfillment where data entry is a problem.
  • CF Lesson Links - allows you to link to a specific lesson inside your ClickFunnels members area
  • CF Multiple Products - turns the normal single option radio buttons on your order form into checkboxes so your customers can add more than one product at a time to their order
  • CF Unslider - super easy to install and configure slider. Works great for image sliders and even sliding of entire rows of content like testimonial blocks
  • CF FB Total Track - fires the Facebook Purchase standard event on your order confirmation page with the actual order total value calculated based on what was purchased throughout the entire funnel.  Great tool for improving FB's optimization for conversions.
  • CF Top Of Hour​- enables running an automated webinar that starts at the top of every hour instead like the ClickFunnels team uses for many of their own funnels
  • CF Same Bill - adds a checkbox to your order form that allows the customer to pre-populate their shipping address into the billing address fields to help increase conversions and save your customers time
  • CF Order Summary - works in conjunction with the CF Cart Mode script to provide a fully functional order summary element on your order form that shows quantities, subtotals and order total price
  • CF Toggle On Product - hide and show elements on the page based on which product is selected on your order form.  This can be used to show product images or product specific headlines, or anything
  • CF International Shipping - this is the add-on that Russell Brunson and Dean Graziosi are using on their killer free+shipping book funnels to help cover the extra cost of shipping their books internationally.  You can charge more for shipping for non-domestic orders.
  • CF Multiple Bumps - You can now have more than one bump on your order form.  This add-on is being used by Trey Lewellen to crush massive AOVs
  • CF Promo Code Pro - this is the supercharged version of the one and only promo code script for ClickFunnels. This new one works with multiple products, multiple codes, track the code to the contact, multiple discount levels, and a super slick interface.
  • CF OTO Grouped Products​- allows for selling packages of products on your OTO pages.  So, you can say "buy a 4 pack" and send 4 individual products so that your physical fulfillment center gets the right SKUs
  • CF Date Replace Pro - the supercharged version of the original CF Date Replace add-on.  This one comes pre-packaged with a ton of different date formats, plus the ability to quickly create your own date format.
  • CF ManyChat Checkbox Submit - this is a killer new one that allows you to collect both an email optin and a FB Messenger optin at the same time using the new ManyChat Checkbox Growth Tool.  If you want to see it in action, pick a paid plan down below to go to the order and Click to get a special Access Code.
  • CF Single Terms Checkbox - this add-on allows you to add a required checkbox to your pages that will handle acceptance of terms and conditions and not allow the visitor to continue unless they check the box.
  • CF Members Area Deep Links - use this add-on to allow for linking directly to a specific lesson in your members area from an email or from a Facebook group, or from anywhere really....
  • ... and more new add-ons every month
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